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         Climate Control Storage Units in Broken Arrow, OK

As you well know, Oklahoma is known for seasonal temperature extremes and dramatic temperature swings within a very short period. The record high and low for Tulsa, which is isn't very far from Coweta and Broken Arrow at all, are 115°F and -16°F. And in Nowata in 2011, the temperature soared from an arctic -31°F to 79°F in just seven days.


The 100+ degrees of our summers and the sub-zero temperatures of winter can be bad enough, but with rapid cooling, you then have to contend with high humidity and condensation. These conditions can wreak havoc with items in a storage unit without temperature control.


Some items are more susceptible to this kind of climate damage than others: electronics devices, books and documents, sports equipment, metal appliances, furniture, clothing, and mattresses. Basically, most of what most people put in a storage unit.


The answer is a temperature-controlled storage unit like those at our Coweta and Broken Arrow Tiger Mini-Storage facilities.


These temperature-controlled units utilize high-quality HVAC systems to keep the temperature at a constant, optimum level, thus avoiding both extreme summer heat and winter cold. An AC unit also acts as a dehumidifier, and the constant temperature eliminates the possibility of high humidity and condensation from a rapid temperature plunge. 


The chief benefits of a Tiger Mini-Storage temperature-controlled storage unit are . . .


1. A constant temperature range to keep your temperature-sensitive belongings free from damage.


2. Lower humidity levels to prevent mildew and damage to electronics devices.


3. Drastically reduced chance of moisture damage from condensation, thus eliminating the possibility of water spotting and rust.


4. Peace of mind knowing that your valuables, cherished items, and heirlooms are safe and protected from climate damage.


In Oklahoma, then, it's just not worth risk of storing anything delicate or temperature sensitive or that you truly value in a non-temperature-controlled storage unit. Tiger Mini-Storage has options for both size and pricing in temperature-controlled storage. To reserve your temperature-controlled storage space or to discover more, contact us today.